About Little Music List

A collection of music pairings - if you like this song, you might like this other one too.

This isn't a site for songs that sound like other songs. The connection between the two songs is more like the one you'd find between two songs following each other on a mixtape, or a DJ session.

It all started a few years ago when I began creating a list of all the music I liked.

I listen to music all the time, either on the radio or from my own library. Each time I hear a song I like, I add it to the list.

Over time the list grew bigger and bigger, with me not having any idea what I was going to do with it.

Then I had the idea to create a website - Little Music List. My aim was to have all the songs from the list in the form of music pairings where I recommend another song that I think pairs well with the first.

I usually feature a recent release as one of the pair but occasionally I'll go back through the list and pick a couple of songs released a while ago.

Hopefully there will be a few surprises for some people and a new musical discovery from one of the pairings.